Training weekend at All Saints, North Street


After a great start on our new site in the Spring, we’re gearing up for our first weekend dig of the year. The Spring session saw our trainees peeling away the very latest layers of archaeology and beginning to understand the 19th century building sequence of the recently demolished boxing club (originally a Victorian mortuary chapel). The team also began work on a sequence of dump deposits that appear to pre-date the mid-19th century structures.


As ever in York, mixed in with the Victorian finds was evidence of earlier activity, with pottery being unearthed from the Roman, Viking, medieval and post-medieval periods. The team did a fantastic job of practicing their new skills, producing records of a professional standard across the board. The only frustration was having to stop at the end of the two week season!


Toby, Arran and Gary from the Archaeology Live! team are now moving tools and supplies back over to North Street from our Hungate HQ. This weekend, our trainees will be working on the aforementioned dump layers that appear to pre-date the boxing club, washing and sorting finds from the Spring session, doing sessions on elevation drawing, pottery dating and looking at archaeological recording. The team will also be gathering in the evening for pub grub and a chance to discuss the discoveries of the day. Who knows what discoveries we’ll make.

Onwards and downwards!


– Arran

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