Placements are available to previous trainees on any of the earlier Archaeology Live! training excavations, or to archaeology students with practical experience of single context recording who want to pursue a career in the profession.


The placements will be assisting the trainers on site and helping out wherever else is necessary. This is a very good opportunity for those who feel they would like more experience in how an archaeological site works.

Previous placements have found paid work because of the reference they have received from the excavation.

Rosie's Roman tile fragment.

There is often confusion as to what a ‘placement’ is and people will sometimes use the term ‘placement’ when they mean ‘trainee’. Within the Archaeology Live! project a ‘placement’ is somebody who has already been trained in archaeological excavation and has appropriate archaeological experience.
To apply for a Placement position on the excavation, a CV with an accompanying covering letter must be sent (e-mail is acceptable) to the contact address below. Make sure that you say why you want to be a placement and why you would be good for the project within your cover letter. The selection process will include an informal telephone interview.
For more information contact:


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