Archaeology Live! in Nottingham

As we celebrate our fifteenth year of trainee funded urban archaeology, we’re happy to announce that we are expanding the Archaeology Live! training excavation into the historic city of Nottingham. The archaeology of Nottingham has received increasing attention in recent years, with many fascinating discoveries being made during the construction of the city’s new tram network. The city was an important Anglian and Viking settlement, a key location in the Civil War and boasts a fascinating warren of post-medieval and early modern caves. All of this makes Nottingham a thrilling place to excavate!

The excavation will be a joint venture between Nottingham City Council and Trent and Peak Archaeology – the Nottingham branch of York Archaeological Trust. The fine details of the project are currently being drawn up and more detail will follow in the coming fortnight, but we can confirm the location of the dig – Nottingham Castle.

Partner8Digging inside a medieval castle is an archaeologist’s dream come true. Sites like these are packed with stories, drama and archaeology covering many centuries. This building has been pivotal to many crucial moments of Nottingham’s long history and we hope to learn more about the castle’s evolution and ever-changing fortunes. The training excavation will operate on the exact same system as has been tried and tested over the years in York; every feature will be recorded and excavated by trainees, with guidance and support from professional archaeologists.

We hope to release the dates and more info very soon, so watch this space for further updates. We’ll be sharing the findings of the York and Nottingham excavations as they’re uncovered, it’s going to be an exciting summer!

As ever, please direct any enquiries to or @ArchaeologyLive

I’ll hopefully see some of you in the trench!

– Arran

6 thoughts on “Archaeology Live! in Nottingham

    • Very exciting! Toby will be helping to set up and manage the dig, our team in Nottingham will be there full time. Gary and I will focus on York, but help with the admin and such. Its gonna keep us busy, but we’re looking forward to it!

  1. Will there be placements (volunteering/helping trainees/sorting and washing etc.) available in Nottingham for those having done archaeology at uni and have experience?

    • Hi Michael, we will indeed be looking for placements a little closer to the time. Our system is a bit different to many other training digs and is detailed here:
      The real key to being a successful applicant is having experience of single context recording and excavation of complex, urban archaeology. Not everyone is aware of the step up from rural to city centre archaeology and our placements need to be confident enough in the discipline to assist with the teaching of these skills and techniques.
      Most people begin with us as a trainee and, if they show promise, return as a placement. At least 100 of our former trainees/placements are now working in the industry, so it’s a good first step.
      Any further questions, give us a shout at
      – Arran

    • Hello Morwenna,

      We’re currently going through the final fine details before opening up bookings in the very near future. Send us an email to and I’ll make sure we get in touch as soon as dates are announced. The dig is most likely to run July-August with at least one training weekend.


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